Evaluation Station

Grade 8: Story

If your story starts slowly, try these ideas.

Describe the setting.

The bridge looked crumpled and defeated. The storm had washed its wooden railings up along the banks, and currents of fast-moving water rushed over the collapsed walkway.

Begin with dialogue.

“Don't mess with me,” said Mr. Haines, with a frown. “I don't want kids running across my field. If I see you here again, there could be big trouble.”

Try a flashback.

Antonio jumped in the air and high-fived everyone on his team, even Marcus. Their argument now seemed silly. It was time to celebrate. Their team had won the soccer championship!

Before the match began, everyone was tense.

Describe an action.

Trish and Tom helped their grandmother down the porch steps. She was shaky on her feet, and Tom felt her tremble. He knew what she must be feeling. She was leaving her beloved home for the last time.

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