Evaluation Station

Grade 8: Personal Narrative

If your narrative doesn't make a strong start, try these ideas.

Say something startling.

A splatter of tomato sauce on my new dress might seem like a bold fashion statement. It was not, however, the look I wanted for my dress-up fourteenth birthday party.

Begin with dialogue.

“Hey, Chris, catch!” shouted Dell. “Here it comes!” I scooped up the ball just in time to tag the panting runner at first base. It was just the first play in my most memorable baseball game ever.

Use a flashback.

“And the winner is Shawna McKay!” The announcer held out a gleaming trophy. Was it really for me? Was I dreaming? I was stunned to win first prize in the school art contest.

Months earlier, I had brainstormed lots of ideas for my sculpture.

  • I've got it!
  • End