Evaluation Station

Grade 7: Story

If your beginning might not grab your reader, try these ideas.

Introduce characters and setting, but don't give tons of background information. Get right into your story.
Set a mood. Will your story be silly, sad, scary, or full of action?
Silly mood: Minnie and Millie had written a tragic opera about their laundry business. Its music sounded like soapsuds and automatic dryers. When it came time to perform this brilliant work, there was just one problem—both Minnie and Millie wanted the lead role.
Scary mood: Pete tiptoed down the hallway. Each of its five doors was shut tight. A howling wind shook the house, and a chandelier swayed above him, its light sweeping eerily across the doors. Suddenly Pete froze in terror. The door right next to him creaked. Then it began to open slowly.
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