Evaluation Station

Grade 6: Personal Narrative

If your narrative makes a slow start, try one of these ideas.

Begin with dialogue.
Slow start: Dan was talking about his new pet parrot.
Start with dialogue: “Awk, awk!” screeched Dan. “Awk! Awk! I'm learning awk-talk to communicate with my new parrot!”
Set the scene.
Slow start: I was cutting up cloth. I was going to make a quilt.
Start with setting: My bedroom was turning into a messy patchwork! Fabric triangles and squares covered the bed. Spools of red, green, and blue thread cluttered the sewing machine. How would I ever get this project done?
Tickle your reader's curiosity with a teaser.
Slow start: I sat on the porch and wondered what the day would bring.
Start with a teaser: I was relaxing on the porch when the phone rang. “Karen,” said my teacher, Mrs. Diaz, “Lia has come down with the flu. Could you take the lead role in the play tonight?”
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