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The components of each level include:

  • 18 trade books (7 copies of each title)
  • Teacher's Manual
  • Instructional Posters (graphic organizers)
  • Student Guide (7 copies)
  • Staff Development Video
  • Canvas Tote Bag

Soar to Success is a research-based reading intervention program for students in grades 3-8 who are reading significantly below grade level. It is a small-group model that uses motivating literature, reciprocal teaching, and graphic organizers in fast-paced lessons to help students in grades 3-8 accelerate their reading growth.

Originally called Project SUCCESS, this research-based intervention model was field tested with 345 students in 14 locations across the country. This extensive national study proved that this intervention model was effective in accelerating the reading growth of below-level readers in a small amount of instructional time.

An important part of the Project SUCCESS research study was the intensive two-day staff development seminars that the teachers participated in. This same training model is available through the Intervention Institute.

With the publication of Levels 7 & 8 and the revision of Levels 3-6, slight changes in the instructional plan are being recommended. These changes are based on feedback from teachers nationwide who use the Soar to Success program.



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