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What ideas do you have for sharing student progress in Early Success with parents?

At this point, I have used a multi-assessment form for the pre and eventual post testing of the students. This includes our district's use of DRA, QRI, Woodcock Reading Mastery R results, as well as results from the Spelling Inventory Stages. I have also revised the student summary sheets that are part of the Early Success program, where I will record running record results, making words progress (Satisfactory, Improving, Needs Improvement), as well as results of writing attempts. Daily observational data is also included on this summary sheet. Since I use this as a pull out program, this information is fed to the classroom teacher, and likewise the teacher gives me her information. When possible we schedule our parent conferences together. If this isn't possible, I have the data to share with the parents on an individual conference. I also hold a meeting before starting the program where the parents see the books being used, and I explain the procedure of the program.
Submitted by:
Sue Powers, Reading Teacher
grades 1-5
Clarence, New York