MathSteps Skills Tutorial CD-ROM
The math tutor on a disk!

Watch your students' computational skills climb with our unique, research-based math tutorial CD.

Easy for Students
Your students will appreciate the Tutorial's easy-to-follow instructions and lively, interactive format. Progressing step by step, they'll build and strengthen computational skills. Upon mastery, students receive Certificates of Achievement. Instruction is in English and Spanish.

Manageable for Teachers
You'll enjoy tracking your students' math achievement with the Teacher Management system. It displays student assignments, records student progress, and includes printable class charts and individual records.

Comprehensive Skills
The MathSteps Skills Tutorial CD-ROM program teaches 135 skills in these 15 strands:

Primary Strands: Intermediate Strands:
P1 Basic Number Concepts
P2 Basic Skills: Addition
P3 Basic Skills: Subtraction
1 Whole Numbers: Addition
2 Whole Numbers: Subtraction
3 Whole Numbers: Multiplication
4 Whole Numbers: Division
5 Fractions: Basic Skills
6A Fractions: Addition
6B Fractions: Subtraction
7A Fractions: Multiplication
7B Fractions: Division
8 Decimals
9 Rates, Ratios, and Proportions
10 Percents

Step-by-step instruction leads to mastery of math skills.
The Skills Inventory assesses student knowledge and places students at the appropriate skill level. Animated and voiced Teaching Models for each computational skill guide students through stepped-out, easy-to-follow instruction.

Three Practice Sets are completed for each skill. The sets provide students with immediate feedback for each answer and give automatic remediation if needed.

Students maintain mastery while having fun.
Students practice computational skills by playing engaging math games in each of the 15 strands. The games provide a unique and enjoyable way to maintain and strengthen the new skills.

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