Grade 5 Stucture and Pacing
Week 1 Basic concepts:
- A number is how many things there are in a set
- 10 is a special organizer of our numeral system
- Addition and subtraction as inverses (four versions of a mathematical sentence)
- Interpretations of subtraction
- Quiz
Week 2 Across-10 addition and subtraction facts:
- The meaning of teen-numbers
- 20 basic number combinations for across-10 addition and subtraction
- Quiz
Week 3 Applying basic facts to computation within 100:
- Adding and subtracting multiples of 10
- Applying across-10 addition and subtraction facts to computation within 100
- Unit 1 review
Week 4 Multiplication tables with numbers 2 through 5:
- Meaning of multiplication
- Multiplication is commutative
- Multiplication tables for numbers 2 through 5
- Quiz
Week 5 Multiplication tables with numbers 6 through 9:
- Division as inverse of multiplication (four versions of a mathematical sentence)
- Models of division
- Quiz
Week 6 Applying basic facts to computation within 100:
- Multiplying with 10 and multiples of 10
- Applying across-10 addition and subtraction facts to computation within 100
- Order of operations (multiplication and division have priority over addition and subtraction)
- Unit 2 review
Week 7 Concept of place value:
- Concept of place value
- Adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers with columns
Week 8 - Multiplying decimals and multi-digit numbers
- Unit 3 review
Week 9 Ready for algebra:
- Letters in a mathematical sentence
- Commutative law
- Associative law
- Negative numbers
- Unit 4 review
Week 10 Geometry:
- Basic figures of geometry: lines, angles, plane, and solid shapes
- Quiz
Week 11 Geometry:
- Basic figures: quadrilaterals, circles, and solids
- Unit 5 review
Fractions Week 12 Fractions:
- Fractions of a number
- Fractions and division
- Fractions, decimals, and percentages
- Improper fractions and mixed numbers
- Unit 6 review
Statistics Week 13 Statistics:
- Reading and drawing basic data graphs: pictograph, bar graph, line graph, and pie graph
- Unit 7 review

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