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International Night
Ages 5 to 8
With a little ingenuity, create an international experience at home!

What You Need

  • International cookbooks, available from most public libraries
  • Ingredients for the selected cuisine
  • International music (CDs and cassette tapes), costumes, decorations, etc. (optional)

What to Do

  1. Assign different family members to be in charge of specific preparations for the evening, such as the dinner, decorations, costumes, music, etc.
  2. Take a trip to the library for resources that will help make the experience authentic. Look for international cookbooks, books about customs, language, and clothing, as well as books that include international music.
  3. Decide as a family which culture you'd like to explore. Then plan your evening. For the menu include at least one item that appeals to each family member.
  4. Head for a supermarket to get all the ingredients you will need to make the dinner. If available, visit a specialty shop from the country of choice for a specific spice or an unusual ingredient.
  5. Work together to prepare the dinner. Each family member should help, if possible, in at least one area of cooking and cleanup!
  6. Decorate your house, get your costumes on, play some music, and enjoy your wonderful dinner together.

What Else You Can Do

  • Be on the lookout for ethnic and multicultural fairs and festivals throughout the year.
  • Ask relatives for family recipes based on your own heritage.

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