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Egg Carton Garden
All Ages
Recycle egg cartons by using them to plant seedlings in.

What You Need
Egg Carton Garden

  • Two different kinds of seeds (bean, tomato, etc.)
  • Plant soil
  • Plastic spoons
  • Egg cartons

What to Do

  1. Remove the top from an egg carton. Then fill each pocket in the egg carton with soil.
  2. Plant one kind of seed in six of the soil-filled pockets and another kind of seed in the remaining six pockets.
  3. Place the egg carton in a location where there is plenty of light, and water the seeds regularly.
  4. Make a chart to track the weekly growth of each plant. Record differences and similarities in growth between the two kinds of plants.
  5. If possible, plant your seedlings outdoors or in larger containers when they outgrow the egg carton.

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