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Flower Flip Book
Ages 9 to 12
Create a flip book and watch your flower grow!

What You Need

  • For each person, 10-20 (or more) unlined pieces of paper, cut to about 3"x3"
  • A plant that changes over time (for example, nasturtium, dandelion, chicory)
  • Drawing materials
  • Computer drawing program (optional)
  • Stapler

What to Do

  1. Some plants change during the day, opening early but closing later in the day or when it's cloudy. Observe such a plant at different times during the day. How did it change? When do you think it will change again?
  2. Create a number of drawings of the plant from the same viewing position, at different times of day. Compare the drawings and discuss what changes occurred. How fast did different changes take place?
  3. Make a flip book to show how the flower changes. Put your drawings in order, and create new pictures to show what happens between each drawing. Each drawing should be just slightly different from the one before it.
  4. Staple the pictures together and flip the pages to see the change happening.

What Else You Can Do

  • Plant a seed and care for it. Record its growth in a series of drawings and then make a flip book.

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