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Funny Faces
Ages 9 to 12
Get really silly when you make a book of funny faces.

What You Need
Funny Face

  • Head outline (print four outlines for each book)
  • Crayons and colored markers
  • Scissors
  • Stapler

What to Do

  1. Print four copies of the head outline. Notice the dashed lines on the outline. These lines are the secret to making the faces really funny.
  2. For each head, draw funny eyes, nose, mouth, hat, hair, and anything else that you think is funny within the dashed lines. For example you might draw:
    • wild purple hair and a funny hat above the top line
    • a pair of fancy sunglasses below the top line
    • a clown's nose below the top line
    • a mouth with a long, curling mustache below the bottom line

  3. After you've finished drawing at least four different heads, gather and staple them together down the left edge only.
  4. Cut along the dashed lines close to the stapled edge, but do not cut through it.
  5. Have fun making funny faces by folding back different sections of each face.

What Else You Can Do

  • Instead of funny faces books, try funny animals or scary creatures.

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