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Big Book of Numbers
Ages 5 to 8
Have fun with the numbers 1-10.

What You Need
Big Book

  • Large, light-colored construction paper (11 pieces for each book)
  • Crayons, colored pencils, or colored markers
  • Yarn or a stapler

What to Do

  1. Write the number 1 on the bottom or top of a piece of construction paper. Be sure to leave plenty of room to draw a picture. Do the same for the numbers 2-10.
  2. For each page, draw a number of objects that match the number on the page. For example, for the page labeled number 9, you might draw 9 triangles.
  3. Make a lively and fun cover for your book. Include a title and a colorful drawing.
  4. Assemble the pages into a big book with yarn or staples. Then share it with friends and relatives.

What Else You Can Do

  • Make a big book for the numerals 1-20.
  • Make a book that includes fun things that start with the same sound as the numeral on each page. For example, "one wacky wig," "two tiny turtles," "three terrible toads," etc.

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