Middle School Talent Search

Social Studies/Art

Students will develop an appreciation for the diversity of learning styles, talents, and strengths that are present in their class.


One way to help middle school students succeed is to help them set reasonable, yet challenging, goals. Goals that are too easy are often not taken seriously. Goals that are too hard are often abandoned. Students do better when they appreciate their own unique learning styles and strengths. They are most likely to stay interested and stick with an activity when it is at a level of “just manageable difficulty.”

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Distribute copies of the scavenger hunt Talent Search game sheet to each student. Have the students read the list. Before the game begins, have each student sign his/her name next to the activity that represents the best chance for personal success.
  2. Tell students that they'll be going on a scavenger hunt: Each of them must fill in the entire list with signatures of their classmates. There will be a prize for the first accurate list completed. Each person can sign each list only once; however, on different lists, students may choose different activities. (And, if a student signs, he or she might have to demonstrate the skill in front of the class!) Students circulate around the room trying to get signatures.
  3. As the lists are completed, have the students put their names on the papers and return them to you. When everyone is done, take the top paper and run through the list, having each student demonstrate his/her skill. When you come to a list that has everything signed accurately, you have your winner!

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