State Capital Match Five!

Social Studies

Students will reinforce their knowledge of state capitals.

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Tell students they are going to play a game of Match Five! that will test their knowledge of state capitals.
  2. Divide students into five teams. Hand out Match Five! cards 1–5, giving one to each team.
  3. Explain to students how the game will work: You will read the names of the state capitals. When your students hear the name of a state capital whose state is on their card, the team can put a marker on that state. When a team has five capitals in a row, across, up and down, or diagonally, they should yell “Match Five!”
  4. Read the names of state capitals in random order from the State Capital Checklist. Make a checkmark next to each capital that you read.
  5. When a team yells “Match Five!,” review the states they have tallied to be sure they got their capitals correct.
  6. Keep score on the chalkboard: Each time a team reaches Match Five! correctly, they receive two points. If they make a mistake, they lose one point.
  7. When students have a good grasp of the capitals, use cards 6–10, which list capitals, and have students match states to cities.

Teaching Options