Stateside Challenge


Student teams master information about state geography and use it to challenge fellow classmates in a geography game.

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Have students work in teams to study the states in one region of the United States (for example, New England) by locating the region on the atlas, map, or globe. Students should make notes on such factors as coastlines, borders with other states, capitals, and major landforms (mountains, lakes, rivers).
  2. Have each team write a set of clues for each state in the region. For example:
    • This state is part of New England.
    • This state has the Atlantic Ocean on its east coast.
    • This state borders Canada.
    • This state’s capital is Augusta.
    • This state is the state farthest north on the Atlantic coast.
  3. To play Stateside Challenge, each team presents another team with a series of clues (up to five) about a state. The fewer clues a team needs to name the state, the more value the correct answer has. For example:
    • one clue = 100 points
    • two clues = 80 points
    • three clues = 60 points
    • four clues = 40 points
    • five clues = 20 points
  4. Continue the challenge matches by selecting another region for study.

Teaching Options