Revolutionary War Memorial

Social Studies/Language Arts

Students will create a memorial to honor Revolutionary War soldiers for the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Tell students that they are going to design a memorial to honor the men and women who fought in the Revolutionary War.
  2. Explain that there are many memorials in our nation's capital that honor Presidents and the veterans of wars. (If you like, show students pictures of the Washington Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the Korean War Veterans Memorial.) Point out that there is as yet no memorial to honor the soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War.
  3. Ask students what they know about the Revolutionary War. Are there any scenes or moments that they remember that would be good to re-create in the memorial? Are there any people that they think should be included in the memorial? Do they want to focus on famous figures, or do they want to show average people?
  4. Give students time to draw a picture of a memorial to honor the soldiers of the Revolutionary War.

Internet Resources

Korean War Veterans Memorial Home Page
Here you will find information and pictures of the Korean War Veterans Memorial. The memorial includes the statues of 19 soldiers of different races who represent all branches of the armed services.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Home Page
The Vietnam War Veterans Memorial consists of three main components, which can all be seen at this website. The largest feature is a wall listing the names of those killed in the war. In addition there are two sets of statues, one honoring soldiers and the other honoring nurses.