Classroom Quilt

Arts and Crafts

Each child will choose a special personal event to share with their classmates in making a classroom quilt.

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Brainstorm with children a list of special events. You might want to start children off with some of these ideas:
    • a birthday party
    • a holiday
    • a sports competition
    • a recital
    • a visit to a special place or person
  2. Have each child draw and/or write about a special event on one of the white squares.
  3. Then have each child center and paste the completed square on a colored square.
  4. When everyone has completed a square, have the children tape the squares into rows to form a quilt pattern.
  5. To finish the squares, have a few children cut out and tape a white border around the quilt. Children can decorate the border any way they wish.
  6. Display the quilt and have each child talk about his or her own special event.