Friendly Poetry

Language Arts

Children will compile a list of the things they look for in a friend and use that information to create a simple poem.

What You Need

What to Do

  1. On the board, brainstorm with children a list of characteristics that make a good friend. Then explain that these characteristics will be used to create a free-form class poem. You may want to write the following sample poem on the board to get the class started:
    • Good Friends
    • A good friend
    • Plays with you,
    • Laughs with you,
    • Shares with you,
    • Talks with you,
    • Listens to you,
    • And NEVER,
    • NEVER,
    • NEVER,
    • Tells your secrets
    • To anyone.
  2. Have children create their free-form class poem using some of the characteristics from the brainstorming list. Encourage children to illustrate their poems.

Teaching Options