Creating a Memorial Day Poster Poem

Social Studies/Language Arts

Children create a Memorial Day word web and use it to create a poem about Memorial Day.

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Hold a discussion about the meaning of Memorial Day and why we observe the holiday in the United States. Explain that this is a special day set aside for all Americans to remember those who have died in wars. Originally, the holiday was called Decoration Day because people decorated the graves of soldiers who died in the Civil War with flags and flowers. Today, communities across the nation hold parades and lay wreaths on monuments to honor people who died in different wars and to remember the bravery of soldiers who died fighting for their country.
  2. Have children work in pairs filling in the Cluster Word Web with ideas related to Memorial Day.
  3. They can review the words in the web and underline the best words for their poems.
  4. Have each of the children write a first draft and share it with a partner.
  5. Then they can revise their poems, making suggested changes and checking spelling and punctuation. Remind children that poems can be powerful if they use colorful words, or if they have interesting sounds or rhymes.
  6. Have children copy and illustrate their poems on poster paper.

Teaching Options