Draw How Many


Children will follow verbal directions by drawing pictures where indicated and show an understanding of numbers by drawing the correct number of objects, then creating addition sentences.

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Pass out the Spring Scene. Have the children talk about what they see: a tree, grass, a pond, a hill, and the sky. Tell them they are going to draw what you ask where you ask on the picture.

  2. Give the directions. Check children's drawings after each task.
    • Draw 1 sun in the sky.
    • Draw 4 yellow ducks in the pond
    • Draw 2 black ants on the hill.
    • Draw 6 red apples in the tree.
    • Draw 3 white clouds in the sky.
    • Draw 5 purple flowers in the grass.

  3. Distribute the Number Sentences page. Tell children to look at the tree. Ask children how many apples they drew. Put a 6 in the first box in the first number sentence. Now tell children to draw two yellow apples in the tree. To create a number sentence they write a 2 in the box after the "+" sign. Have children count all the apples to find out how many in all. They then write an 8 after the equal sign. Put the number sentence on the board and go through the parts again. (Say: "We started with 6 apples. You drew 2 more. That's 8 apples in all.")

  4. Continue building number sentences in the same way for the other objects (except the sun).

Teaching Options

  • You may wish to have two children work together with blank spring scenes, taking turns in giving directions for what to draw and where to draw it, and creating number sentences.

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