Spring Animal Match Game


Children will create a card game matching adult and baby animals.

What You Need

  • Large index cards (at least 200)
  • Markers
  • Chart paper

What to Do

  1. Point out to children that spring is often a time when animal babies are born. Brainstorm with children a list of special names for animal babies. Write the list on the chalkboard or chart paper, including the name for the adult animal and the baby. For example: sheep/lamb; horse/foal; bear/cub; frog/tadpole; pig/piglet; hen/chick.

  2. Divide the class into pairs or small groups. Distribute twenty index cards to each pair or group.

  3. Have each group choose ten matching adult and baby animal names from the list.

  4. Have children draw a picture of each adult animal—pig, horse, sheep, etc.—on a card, writing the name of the animal under the picture.

  5. Then have children draw a picture of each baby animal and its name on the remaining ten cards. Children should leave the other side of the cards blank or draw an identical design on them.

  6. When children are finished, they may play a Spring Animal Match Game. Have children mix up the cards, then lay all twenty face down. Children take turns trying to find a match between an adult animal and its baby. If children make a match, they keep the cards and take another turn. The winner is the player with the most pairs.

  7. To vary the level of difficulty, children may create fewer or more card pairs.

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