Springtime Charades


Children will act out springtime activities, while playing a game of charades.

What You Need

  • Chart paper
  • Marker

What to Do

  1. With your class, discuss how activities change with the seasons. Then brainstorm with children a list of activities that they might do in the springtime. Write responses on the chalkboard or on chart paper for the class to see. Examples might include planting a garden, playing baseball or other outdoor sports, bird-watching, fishing, and kite-flying.

  2. Divide the class into small groups. Then introduce the game of charades. Explain that without speaking, each team will role-play one or more springtime activities. The other children will try to guess the activity. Children can either choose a spring activity from the list, or think of one on their own.

  3. To fulfill dramatic potential, allow teams to perform their complete role-playing before taking guesses from the rest of the class. Monitor the game, and if need be, offer hints to the other students.

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