Christopher Columbus's Discoveries

Social Studies

Students will learn about Christopher Columbus's first voyage and its historical impact.

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Discuss with students the life of Christopher Columbus and his journeys.
  2. Distribute copies of the Christopher Columbus's Discoveries worksheet. Ask students to use reference materials to research his first voyage and to find the information needed to complete the worksheet.
  3. After students have completed their research, have them share the interesting facts they found about Columbus's journey. Discuss how these facts were important to the first journey, and how the journey influenced history.

Internet Resources

Christopher Columbus - A Culinary History
This site gives overviews of the first and second voyages of Columbus. It also explains in detail the foods that were available to the crew.

The First Voyage of Columbus
As well as providing information about the first voyage, this site has maps of both the transatlantic and inter-island tracks of the journey.

Christopher Columbus
This site provides in-depth information about Columbus's life, his journeys, and the historical context and impact of the Columbian legacy.