Take the Challenge

Social Studies

Students will identify states and learn important information about each one by creating their own map game of the United States.

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Review with students the information about states available in an almanac. Some examples would be capital city, state symbols, nicknames, and largest cities. If the almanac contains a map of the United States, have students locate a state you name and then find its entry in the text.
  2. Divide the class into groups and distribute a copy of the Map of the United States to each group. Explain the rules of the game as follows:
    • The game has three levels. Players begin at the Level 1 Challenge and go as far as they wish.
    • To do the Level 1 Challenge, each group must use the almanac (or other reference material) to enter the name of each state on the blank map, which then becomes the master map for the group.
    • Students study the completed map until they think they can identify all the states. Students who think they are ready to do so should get another blank map and fill in all the states. Students who do so successfully have met the Level 1 Challenge.
    • For the Level 2 Challenge, each group uses the almanac to add the state capital to the master map. Students who wish to try for this challenge study the map and add the capitals to their own map. Students who do so successfully have met the Level 2 Challenge.
    • For the Level 3 Challenge, each group decides on what additional piece of information to add to the master map. As at earlier levels, students study the map and then add the information to their own copies. Again, students who do so successfully have met the Level 3 Challenge.

Teaching Options