Bugs-Eye View

Science/Language Arts

Each student will learn more about a bug or an insect in the process of doing research and then writing a letter from the bug or insect to humankind.

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Ask students to come up with words that describe bugs.
  2. Then ask students to come up with words that bugs might use to describe people.
  3. Tell students they are each going to research a bug or an insect and then write a letter from that bug or insect to humankind. Talk about the different reasons that humans write to each other (thank you notes, get well cards, family updates/birth announcements, just writing to chat, etc.). Tell students to think about the purpose behind his or her bug’s letter when they write it.
  4. Distribute copies of the Bug Profile Sheet. Have each student do research and then write a letter on a separate sheet of paper. Remind students that they can use the Sentence Starters on the Bug Profile Sheet.
  5. Have students take turns reading their completed letters to the class.

Internet Resources

Katerpillars (& Mystery Bugs)
This site, created by the University of Kentucky Entomology Department, provides photographs and facts about some of the insects we live with.

NATURE: Alien Empire
Meet some noteworthy members of the world of insects.

Bug Bios
An “entomological database of very cool bugs.” Check out intricate designs on different butterfly wings, fantastic close-up pictures of a wide range of interesting insects, and cool facts about rare bugs. This site is very well designed, and the graphics are amazing.

It’s just what it sounds like: an online site devoted to bug information. It contains just about everything you and your child have ever wanted to know about bugs, along with fun bug links.