Bear Masks


Students will identify different types of bears and make masks of their favorite bears.

What You Need

  • Books and magazines with pictures of different kinds of bears
  • Construction paper and oaktag
  • Yarn or string
  • Paper punch

What to Do

  1. Before the lesson, you may want to create a bear mask stencil out of oaktag. Be sure to include holes for the eyes.
  2. Ask students to name the different kinds of bears they know. If students are unfamiliar with bears, show them some pictures of different bears, and help them learn the bears' names.
  3. Then tell students that they are going to make a bear mask of their favorite bear. Distribute the books and magazines, and allow students sufficient time to choose a favorite bear. As students are viewing the materials, encourage them to note details about the bears, such as size and color.
  4. When a child has selected a favorite bear, have him or her use the stencil to trace a mask on construction paper. students can color their masks to make them look realistic. You may want to help them cut out holes for the eyes.
  5. When students have finished their masks, help them attach yarn or string to the sides of the mask. Then have students put on their masks and sit in small groups. Encourage each child to take a turn telling the name of his or her favorite bear and explaining why he or she likes it.

Teaching Options

  • You may want to display the masks on a bulletin board, with a label identifying each kind of bear.
  • Invite students to wear their masks and act out stories about bears, such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

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