Getting to Know You Acrostic

Language Arts

Students will get to know their classmates and then use what they've learned to write acrostic poems.

What to Do

  1. Explain to students that each of them will get to know a classmate and then write a poem about this classmate.
  2. Group students in pairs. Then tell them that each student should ask his or her partner questions to get to know the other better. Students can ask questions about sports, hobbies, favorite music groups, siblings, pets, or places where the other student has lived or visited.
  3. Tell students that the letters in each partner's name will begin each line of the poem. Then write on the board the acrostic shown below to model the kind of acrostics they will be creating.
    Awesome at videogames
    Races on the track team
    Tracy is his sister's name.
    Houston is where he went for summer vacation.
    Usually good at math and social studies
    Raisins are his favorite fruit.
  4. When the students are finished, have them share their work with the class. Students should feel free to elaborate on the poems. For example, Arthur might share that he went to an amusement park while he was in Houston.

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