Cultural Show and Tell

Social Studies

Students will research their own cultural heritage and share it with the class in a Show and Tell presentation.

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Explain to students that many people have more than one cultural heritage because of marriages between people of different cultures. Then tell students that you would like them to learn as much as they can about their own cultural heritage and prepare a Show and Tell presentation about it.
  2. Have students begin by asking family members about their cultural heritage and about traditions, symbols, and objects found in that heritage. Also help students locate reference sources that will help them learn about their heritage. Ask them to take notes to use as aids during Show and Tell.
  3. Tell students to plan to include in their presentations examples of things found in or symbolic of their cultural traditions. Students might, for example, collect and organize personal or magazine photos that show aspects of their heritage, or make objects or drawings of objects that play an important role in their heritage. Emphasize that the objects students will show needn't be elaborate, but may be quite simple—perhaps a handful of rice (representative of an Asian heritage) or a drawing or photo of an Aztec monument (representative of a Mexican heritage).
  4. When students are ready, have them take turns giving their Show and Tell presentations to the class.