Compose and Choreograph a Critter Cheer

Language Arts/Physical Education

Children will compose cheers to shout at competitions of animal teams, choreograph their cheers, and then perform them for the class.

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Point out that many sports teams often have squads of cheerleaders to encourage the team and excite the fans. Ask children who have heard cheers at sporting events to share them with the class. Mention that cheerleading squads often perform dance or gymnastics routines when they give their cheers, and that pompoms are commonly used in their routines.
  2. Divide the class into groups of five, and tell the groups to think of themselves as cheerleading squads. Ask each group to choose which team—the Birds or the Animals—they would like to support.
  3. Next, tell each group to write a cheer for its chosen team of critters and to choreograph a dance or gymnastics performance to accompany the cheer. You may want to specify how many lines the cheer should have (say, four or six). Tell children that they can memorize their cheers, or they can write them on poster boards or on a flip chart to refer to when they give their performances. Suggest that the groups plan to use pompoms in their routines. Also ask the groups to keep their critters—Birds or Animals—in mind as they develop the gestures or steps they will use.
  4. When everyone is ready, have the groups perform their cheers. You might want to take a vote to determine the class's favorite cheer.