Garden in an Egg Carton

Science/Mathematics/Language Arts

Children will plant seedlings and watch them grow.

What You Need

What to Do

  1. Remind children that Johnny Appleseed planted orchards of trees from a sack of seeds. Invite children to create their own garden of bean plants in an egg carton.
  2. Remove the tops from an appropriate number of egg cartons. Have children scoop out enough soil to fill each pocket in the egg cartons.
  3. Have each child take a seed and plant it in the soil. Keep track of where each seed is planted. Place the egg cartons in a location where there is plenty of light, and have children water the seeds regularly.
  4. Make a chart to track the growth of each plant. Children can write notes and take measurements as their seedlings grow.
  5. As a bonus, invite interested children to write a story or put on a play about a seed-planting character like Johnny Appleseed.