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Where I Live

Social Studies Activity

Children will identify specific characteristics of their own neighborhood and share the information with their classmates. This activity will enable children to see that other neighborhoods can be different from their own, but also similar in many ways.


  • White roll paper or poster board
  • Crayons or colored pencils
  • Old magazines
  • Scissors
  • Paste or tape


  1. Discuss with children the characteristics of their neighborhoods with questions such as these:
    • Are there houses, buildings, or both in your neighborhood?
    • If there are buildings, what kind are they? What is the nearest store?
    • Are there any public play areas such as a park or a playground?
    • What kinds of animals live in your neighborhood?

  2. Have children draw a picture of their house or the building they live in on the white roll paper or poster board.

  3. Have children search in magazines for things that are found in their own neighborhood such as trees, flowers, stores, etc. and then cut out and paste or tape the pictures onto their drawing.

  4. Have children compare and contrast their finished pictures with one another to learn about their classmates' neighborhoods.

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