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I Spy. What do you See?

Language Arts Activity

Children learn to play "Veo, veo" (I Spy), a game from the oral tradition that incorporates the alphabet.


  • Picture cards
  • Magazines with photos


  1. Ask children if they know how to play "Veo, veo". If necessary, review the following steps:
    • One player silently chooses a thing that everyone can see without indicating what it is or what it is called.
    • The player says: Veo, veo. (I spy.)
    • The rest of the group responds: ¿Qué ves? (What do you see?)
    • The player: Una cosita. (Something.)
    • The rest of the group: ¿Con qué letrecita? (With what letter?)
    • The player: Con la letrecita (letter of the alphabet) (With the letter...)
    • Then the rest of the group tries to guess the answer.

  2. Place picture cards or photos from magazines throughout the classroom. Ask for a volunteer to start the game. Tell the volunteer to choose a thing (it could be a word card, a photo or any other object from the classroom, such as a desk or the blackboard). Then have the volunteer whisper to you his or her selection. Start the game.

  3. The game ends when each student has had a chance to choose a thing and start the verse.


  • Play "Veo, veo" outdoors, using objects that you find in the playground or in other parts of school.

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