Art Activity

In this activity, children will use their artistic skills to create a Me-Shirt, a T-shirt that expresses something important about themselves.


  • A plain, light-colored T-shirt from home for each child
  • Paints or markers designed for use on clothing
  • Smocks (enough for each child)


  1. Discuss with children the fact that many T-shirts have art or writing on them. Some children may be wearing such T-shirts. Encourage these children to stand up and show their T-shirts to the class. Ask other children if they have any similar shirts at home. On the board, list the reasons children like to wear these kinds of T-shirts. If children have difficulty thinking of reasons, you might offer some, such as they can show what team you're on, they can show places you've been, they're pretty, they're funny.

  2. Tell children that they are each going to make a T-shirt with their own design on it. Explain that the design should tell something about who they are. It could include their name, pictures of things they like to do, their family members, or even pets.

  3. Have children sit in small groups to brainstorm some ideas for their Me-shirts. They can refer to the list on the board for ideas. Once a child has come up with an idea for a design, encourage him or her to sketch it on a piece of paper first. Then review the design with the child to make sure it conveys the message the child wants to express.

  4. When children are ready, have them draw or paint their designs on their Me-shirts. Send the shirts home when they are dry and schedule a special Me-shirt party for a day when children can wear their Me-shirts. At the party, children can share with each other what their Me-shirts tell about themselves.


  • You may want to display the Me-shirts as art before sending them home.
  • You may want to invite parents or another class to join your Me-shirt party.

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