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Shades of Blue

Art Activity

In this activity, children will sharpen their visual literacy and color vocabulary by making and sharing collages that explore the different shades of colors.


  • Large construction paper (white or colored)
  • Old magazines that can be cut up


  1. Discuss with children the fact that two things can be blue (or red, green, yellow, etc.), but still not be exactly the same color. Hold up two objects or pictures that are different shades of the same color. Explain to children that they are different shades of the same color. Ask children to look around the room and point out things that are different shades of the same color.

  2. Next, explain to children that they are going to make a collage to show the different shades of a color. Distribute magazines and scissors. Tell children to choose a color for their collage and have them look through the magazines for pictures of things with that color. They can work alone or with a partner.

  3. Have them use the pictures to make a collage of that color on a large piece of construction paper. (You may want to have the color of the construction paper match the color of the collage items.) Then help children label their collages.

  4. Display the collages on a bulletin board and discuss with children the many different shades of colors they have found. Help children develop their descriptive vocabulary by encouraging them to use words and phrases such as dark red, bright yellow, dull green, pale blue, etc.


  • Create one large class collage grouping together similar colors (like colors on a color wheel).
  • Have children design their collages so that the pictures range from the darkest shade of a color to the lightest.

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