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The Rhyme Gallery

Art Activity

In this activity, children choose their favorite rhymes and make pictures to create a Rhyme Gallery.


  • Mi libro de rimas y canciones or other books with traditional rhymes
  • Construction paper
  • Markers or crayons
  1. Begin a discussion on rhymes and songs. Ask children what are their favorite rhymes and songs. You may wish to read books about this theme (such as Mi libro de rimas y canciones) so that children are exposed to a variety of rhymes and songs.

  2. Tell students to choose their favorite rhymes and songs. Make a list of these titles.

  3. Distribute the construction paper and the markers or crayons. Ask children to choose one of the rhymes or songs from the list and make a picture to represent their selection.

  4. Display the completed pictures in the Rhyme Gallery. You may wish to reproduce the text of the rhymes and songs and display them next to the pictures.

  • Invite other classes to visit the Rhyme Gallery. Make invitations with children.
  • Record some songs with children and display the recording in an area of the gallery.

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