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Giggle Break

Language Arts Activity

Children will share their favorite jokes, riddles, and stories during a special class giggle time!


Age-appropriate joke books and children's magazines


  1. Begin by telling a few different kinds of jokes that children are familiar with such as knock-knock jokes.

  2. Ask children to think of a favorite joke, riddle, or funny story to share with their classmates. Provide joke books and children's magazines that contain jokes for those children who have difficulty thinking up a joke.

  3. Over a period of several days, set aside some time each day for a giggle break. During that time, ask volunteers to tell or read their jokes, riddles, and/or funny stories. (To ensure that humor is appropriate for the classroom, you may wish to have children whisper their jokes into your ear before telling the class.)


  • Children may enjoy taping their jokes and sharing the tape with other classes.
  • Have children write down their jokes, etc. Bind them together into a class joke book for the school or classroom library.

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