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Color Garden

Science/Art Activity

In this activity, children will learn about some of the different colors flowers can be.


  • Colored construction paper
  • Books with pictures of various flowers in them


  1. Ask children to name the different flowers that they know. Then ask them to tell what colors those flowers can be. (Point out that flowers can come in many different colors. A rose, for example, could be red, pink, or white.) On a chart or on the board, record the names of flowers and the colors they can be.

  2. Tell children that they are going to make a paper, flower garden on the bulletin board. The goal will be to include as many different colors of flowers as they can. Explain that the flowers they make have to be a color that the real flowers can be (a red rose, a blue morning-glory, a white daisy, an orange tiger lily, a purple pansy, a yellow marigold).

  3. Distribute the books with pictures of flowers and have children search through the books to find different colored flowers. Add new flowers to the chart you started earlier. Then help children draw and cut out construction paper flowers for the bulletin board.


  • Cut out and mount (on the bulletin board) the stems and leaves for the flowers yourself. This way children can focus on the flowers.
  • Have children group the flowers in their garden according to color. Encourage them to continue to search for flowers to add to each group.
  • Discuss with children the things that a flower needs to grow: soil (nutrients), water, light, warmth. Make a list of these necessities to post alongside the bulletin board.

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