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Fantastic Fishing Contest

Art Activity

Children will have fun using their imaginations and what they've learned about fish to create their own entry in a fishing contest.


  • Crayons, colored pencils, or markers
  • Glue and tape
  • Construction paper
  • Books or magazines with pictures or illustrations of fish


  1. Tell children that they are going to have a fishing contest. Explain that the idea is to create a fish, not actually catch one. Tell them that as they are working on their fish, they need to think of a name for it, some "facts" about it, and a story that explains how they caught it.

  2. Before children begin working on their fish, discuss with them the different categories to include in the contest. You might make some suggestions to start them off, such as the funniest fish, the scariest fish, the most realistic fish, the best fish name, the most colorful fish, the fish you would most like to have for a pet, the best fish story, etc. Record all the agreed upon categories on the board or on a chart. Leave room for the winner's name next to each category.

  3. Have children begin to make their fish. As children are working, encourage them to think of their fish story.

  4. When children have completed their fish, have them take turns showing their fish to the class. As they show their fish, they can explain what it is called and how they caught it.

  5. When everyone has shown their fish and told their fish story, have children vote on the winners in the different categories. Record the winners' names on the chart.


  • You may want to have children write down some information about their fish and display the fish with the information on a bulletin board.
  • You may want to invite other teachers or another class to be the judges in the contest.

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