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Family Time Line

Social Studies Activity

In this activity, children will interview family members to learn about important events that have happened in their families. Then use that information to create a time line showing changes and growth in their families.


  • Butcher or roll paper (cut into sections six feet long and one foot wide)
  • Time Line Events List (print and copy)


  1. Discuss with children how a family can grow and change. For example, a new baby could be born, a grandparent could move in, an older brother or sister could go away to college, or the family could move to another town. Children can also offer examples from their own family life.

  2. Tell children that they can interview members of their families and make a list of important events that marked family growth and/or change. Distribute copies of the Time Line Events List for children to use when interviewing family members.

  3. When children bring in their completed list, they can begin to make their time lines. Remind children to record each event in chronological order. They can write a sentence about the event and/or draw a small picture representing the event and attach it to the time line in the proper place.

  4. When the time lines are completed, mount them on the wall and have each child explain his or her time line to the class. Encourage children to describe each event on the time line and why it was important to the family.


  • Encourage children to bring in small mementos of different events to attach to the time line, such as birth certificates, photographs, postcards, or letters.
  • Have children do a time line of family events that occurred only in their lifetimes, starting with their own births.

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