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Nature Calendar

Science/Art Activity

Children get practice using reference materials to locate information by making a nature calendar.


  • Illustrated nature books on a variety of topics, such as insects, trees, birds, wild animals, pets, and flowers
  • Illustrated calendars with single themes, such as flowers, cats, and dogs
  • Large construction paper in assorted colors
  • 8 x 11 inch white drawing paper
  • Pencils, crayons, markers
  • Glue or tape
  • Stapler
  • Single hole-puncher
  • Blank calendar grids (print-out and copy)


  1. Divide children into two or three groups and explain that each group will make a calendar that illustrates one theme in nature.

  2. Distribute sample thematic calendars for children to examine. Explain that because there are 12 months in a year, each group will need to make 12 different pages for their calendars.

  3. Distribute 12 blank calendar grids to each group. Some children might want to make their own grids, using the chart-making feature of a word processing program or a software program, such as Print Shop Deluxe by Broderbund or Kid Desk by Edmark that have fun and easy calendar making features.

  4. Have children refer to the sample calendars to help them write the dates for the upcoming year on their grids.

  5. For the picture part of the calendar, each group should decide upon one theme in nature to illustrate. Have children look through the reference books to find a subject they particularly enjoy. Encourage children to label or caption each picture. Here are a few ideas:

    [Example Chart]

  6. To assemble the finished calendar pages, have children glue or tape their drawings and completed grids to large pieces of construction paper.

  7. Call out the months of the year. Have children line up in the correct order, holding their finished calendar pages. Staple each calendar together and punch a hole at the top.

  • Give groups an opportunity to share their calendars with one another.
  • Ask volunteers to label class members' birthdays, holidays, and special events on the calendar.
  • Keep one calendar for the classroom and present the others to the office staff and/or another class.

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