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ABC Visor

Art Activity

In this activity, children choose a letter of the alphabet and use an ABC visor to represent it.


  • Pattern for the ABC Visor (print and copy)
  • Old magazines (optional)
  • Scissors (for the teacher)
  • Markers, pencils or crayons
  • Glue
  • Stapler


  1. Review the alphabet with children. Have each child choose a letter of the alphabet and explain why that letter was chosen. (Possible answers: Because my name begins with the letter m; because I like dogs (perros) and perros begins with the letter p; etc.).

  2. Print the pattern for the ABC Visor and make a copy for each child. Tell children that they will be making an ABC visor for their letter.

  3. Tell children to write their letter in the left-hand corner of the visor (children should write the letter so that it is big enough to read).

  4. Then tell them to use the rest of the visor to make a drawing or find a photo of something that begins with their letter. If some children chose their letter because it is the first letter of their name, tell them that they could draw a picture of themselves.

  5. When children have finished, cut out their visors. Staple the paper strip to each visor. Let the visor parade begin!

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